Case Studies

Electro Magnetic Applications

The commercial space sector is the most rapidly growing market in the entire world right now. ... We plan to make Pittsfield the space testing capital of the world.
December 7, 2020/by Roger Matus

Elegant Stitches

In less than one year, the business grew 30% with a grant from the City.
November 5, 2019/by Roger Matus

General Dynamics

Opportunities for small companies to fill needs because GD is here.
November 22, 2019/by Roger Matus

Haddad Toyota and Taconic High School

Toyota and Taconic High School created the first program in the nation that graduates certified techs.
October 11, 2019/by Roger Matus

LTI Smart Glass

LTI Smart Glass and the Red Carpet Team solved in 90 minutes what they expected would take six months..
October 16, 2019/by Roger Matus


Lymphedivas moved from Philadelphia with expedited approvals and economic assistance.
October 6, 2019/by Roger Matus

Mad Macs

Mad Macs expanded into a new line of business with the help of Pittsfield.
October 7, 2019/by Roger Matus

Phoenix Theatres

Phoenix Theatres invested and committed to downtown for 10 years.
October 6, 2019/by Roger Matus

Shire Acupuncture

Kacey Boos opened her first acupuncture studio with a grant from Pittsfield.
October 6, 2019/by Roger Matus

Steve Oakes

Steve Oakes sold his properties in Brooklyn to invest in Pittsfield's growing downtown.
September 9, 2019/by Roger Matus


VidMob's software engineering team is in Pittsfield where the costs are lower than NY or Boston.
October 8, 2019/by Roger Matus


Wayfair selected Pittsfield for "really talented, collaborative, ambitious and friendly people."
October 17, 2019/by Roger Matus